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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies implemented to enhance the organic traffic of your website, and also boost visibility of the same. Keyword Research, Content Creation and Optimization, Technical SEO, Link Building, and several other services fall under the bigger umbrella of SEO. As one of the most reputed digital marketing agencies in Kolkata, Social Neeti ensures that your website gains prominence, with tailored strategies that match your requirements.
Conquering the digital world is never tedious with the right set of techniques. As a 360° digital marketing agency, our expertise lies in meticulous analysis and appropriate planning, to organically boost your online presence. With a multifaceted approach, Social Neeti’s dedicated team of experts begin with extensive keyword research, and then proceed on to the consecutive steps to make your digital impact stronger.

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SEO Services for Digital Eminence:

The foundation of any SEO strategy, devoted keyword research helps to unearth the perfect keywords that align with your brand and are used by the potential customers. This also provides us with a direction to proceed further.
Creating high-quality content that leaves a mark on the digital world is of utmost importance, as it gains attraction. These are again optimised with the help of specific keywords to increase engagement.
A website is assisted to become more search-engine friendly with the incorporation of meta tags, content or image optimization.
While on-page optimization helps you enhance the website itself, the link building opens new doors to the digital world, by increasing your visibility and ranking on the internet with the help of high-quality backlinks.
This technique is used to promote businesses with a physical location, with the help of Google My Business listings to gain more attraction, specifically footfall, and it also helps in managing reviews and business information online
To drive sales and maximise site navigation, this SEO technique is used all over.
This strategy is to improve the current situation of a website, with personalised recommendations to further the growth of your digital endeavour.
While implementing fresh and analytical strategies are useful, it is also important to understand your competitor’s strategies for an unique approach to refine your brand’s online status.
Vigilant monitoring of your website using Google Analytics and other expert tools paves the path of implementing data-driven actions, based upon the insights of keyword ranking, user behaviour, etc.
If your business caters to multiple countries, this strategy will effectively ensure that your website ranks well among all the markets
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